Chapter 15 - Water: a limiting factor

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A superb stand of flooded gums, (Eucalyptus grandis) near Coffs Habour, northern New South Wales, 'each tall because of each' (Les Murray (1991), Collected Poems) (Photograph by Ken Eldridge, supplied by Peter Burgess, CSIRO Forestry and Forest Products)

With perspective phrasing, Les Murray (1991) summarises structural aspects of a gum forest as:

'Flooded gums on creek ground, each tall because of each'

and on conceptualising water relations, 'Foliage builds like a layering splash: ground water drily upheld in edge-on, wax rolled, gall-puckered leaves upon leaves. The shoal life of parrots up there.'

(Les Murray, Collected Poems, 1991)