Chapter 9 - Plant hormones : chemical signalling in plant development

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Perception of gibberellin in germinating cereals. Protoplasts (P) isolated from aleurone cells of wild oat (Avena fatua) were incubated with Sepharose beads (S) to which gibberellin molecules had been covalently attached. The gibberellin therefore could not enter the cells, but was still able to induce production of α-amylase enzyme. This means that perception of gibberelin probably occurs via an outward-facing receptor in the plasma membrane. Scale bar = 60 µm.

(Based on Hooley et al. 1991; reproduced with permission of Springer-Verlag)

Consider...a plant not as a packaged collective of independent processes but as a highly interactive network of perception, control and feedback.  Every plant has a genetic blueprint that specifies its whole range of morphology and physiology, but the individual is shaped, sometimes literally, by the environment it experiences.  Integration of development and adjustment to the external environment are achieved through multiple coordinating signals throughout the plant.