Welcome to the electronic edition of Plants in Action, a plant physiology textbook published by the Australian Society of Plant Scientists, New Zealand Society of Plant Biologists, and New Zealand Institute of Agricultural and Horticultural Science. This is a free, peer-reviewed on-line publication resource for plant science teaching and research.

Plants in Action explores the principles underlying plant biology in natural and managed communities. It is prepared for teaching and learning by higher level undergraduates in tertiary institutes. Postgraduate students as well as professional plant scientists will also find much useful source material in this textbook that is richly illustrated with original data.

Plants in Action, 1st Edition. The entire text contains 20 chapters and 900 figures. Click here to go straight to the title page of Plants in Action, first edition. The original hard copy edition was published by Macmillan in 1999, and the electronic version published by the plant science societies in 2010.

Plants in Action, 2nd Edition. A fully revised second edition is underway. Six chapters have been revised, on photosynthesis, respiration, growth analysis, temperature effects, phloem transport, and fruit development. Click here to go directly to the second edition.

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The contents of Plants in Action, 1st edition are as follows: